Known Liar From Intelligence Community of Spooks Hired By CNN & Approves of Trump’s CIA Torturers

BTR News – CNN, the news network that seemingly was in direct competition with Fox News during the 2016 election to give now President Donald Trump, more free media coverage than any other network or alleged Russian troll farms for that matter, has hired former US Director of National Intelligence Spook James Clapper as a “news contributor”. As a CNN executive stated, Donald Trump was good for ratings.

CNN apparently isn’t concerned that their crumbling  “news” credibility is further damaged when it gives a platform to someone who is guilty of lying to Congress. Regardless of the failure of the Obama Justice Department to prosecute Clapper, he lied to Congress and resigned under pressure from the public and Congress.

What did Clapper lie about?

Following the Edward Snowden leak of documents detailing the NSA practice of collecting telephone metadata on millions of Americans’ telephone calls, Clapper flat out lied when he told a congressional committee that the NSA does not collect any type of data on millions of Americans.

Now he is working for CNN to possibly lie to CNN’s viewers about what he is called upon to give an opinion. In one of his recent appearances with CNN host Jake Tapper, Clapper gives his endorsement of other corrupt and immoral officials from the intelligence community like Trump’s recent nominations to lead the CIA and US State Department.

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