Thando Radio Show: The Burning House of Black America’s Moral Consciousness

Today on Thando Radio Show, filling in for Dave, Scotty Reid will be discussing the true context in which Dr. King said we are integrating into a burning house. Dr. King was talking about literal burning houses and the violent rebellions against injustice we have seen in the years since his assassination. He was also speaking on the Burning House of Black morality which is lacking in the collective conscious in Black America who failed to speak out against the immorality of the policies of the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton who hypocritically point out the racism of Trump while ignoring the history of the Racism of Both Clintons and the failure of the Obama administration to substantially address racism and white supremacy telling Black protestors things take time, change doesn’t come overnight while telling gun control advocates that we can change things now. The immorality of judging Barack Obama on the basis of his skin color and not the apparent immoral content of his character.

The policies that Dr. King advocated for were opposed by both Obama and Clinton, things like reparations, being against free tuition at public colleges which would benefit the poor the most and actually chaning the Pell Grant rules which harmed poor Black people the most, spreading violence through their foreign policy which resulted in a continuation of Bush-era policies in regime change Libya, Honduras, using terrorists to attack both Libya and Syria, the use of drones and covering up the CIA torture program and prosecuting whistleblowers, arming the police with military grade weapons, supplying the Israelis with arms to slaughter the largely defenless Palenstinians, the Clintons so-called Welfare Reform and Obama agreeing with Republicans to cut social programs like SNAP. The Black House of Moral Consciousness is indeed in flames.

Tune in at 6 pm est

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