Real Life Radio: Open Lines & Dialogue

Join Ras and Jegna Khepera tonight at 9 pm est on Real Life Radio. Tonight’s discussion will be about this week’s news. Also, we will discuss homelessness and its effects on victims of RWS. We will also discuss the fact that lack of knowledge is a mental illness and how that manifests amongst VOWS. Also when is a good time to decide to cease contact with victims whose behavior is not conducive to solving the problem due to lack of accurate information.

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3 Replies to “Real Life Radio: Open Lines & Dialogue”

  1. I have lived in China for 7 years now and can tell you that the yuan is worth 6.5 to a dollar. Chinese policy is based on the World Bank and investments just like any other capitalist country. A small percentage of companies are owned by foreigners in the USA and with different policies in contrast to the other way around with the US . The US owns 60 percent of the factories here and the Chinese government has hired US private security forces to protect oil and other natural resource areas. Also, the telecommunications system here is influenced by US companies who advise the Chinese government on economic policy with media and telecommunications. Keep up the good work.

  2. Biological determinism used here on the show which does not make someone indigenous but culture does based on language, values, customs, history in commonality. Biological determinism derives from 19th century scientific racism that stated blood and physical characteristics determine a culture. Thanks again for the show.

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