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Black Talk Radio Network’s digital radio station features original news/talk programming in collaboration with independent media partners. Genres include Politics, Culture, Sports, Finance, News and more.

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9 thoughts on “Black Talk Radio Network – The Original Digital Radio & Podcasting Platform For The People

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  2. Yes, we are behind enemy lines, kidnapped, subjugated, dominated, indoctrinated victims and servants to racism which is white supremacy. Replace white supremacy with Justice meaning no one is mistreated and who needs help the most receives the most constructive help in all areas of people activity. no one is mistreated, white or black since these are the labels the people in charge (white supremacist) have the people using to identify themselves..

  3. Memo Feb. 11,2014

    Attention: Everyone
    Regarding: Solving Major Problems
    Network with Martin and Mary Making Justice A Reality by Independently Uniting using a Code of Behavior
    Always doing and saying what is constructive
    The matter sometimes referred to as the ‘race problem’ is the basic-initial “unfinished business” among the people of the known universe.No major problem that exist between the people of the known universe, can be eliminated until Racism is eliminated.

    Remember, all of us are here after the fact of being born into a system with words, definitions, stereotypes and values already in place, once internalized, behavior is regulated. Our American system places more value on material items, legal tender and pets than compassion, honor, justice, truth, integrity, respect and people. This is because Materialism, Greed, Ageism, Classism, Sexism and Racism which is White Supremacy (psychological, social and economic domination of non-white people) are values of our culture. You see the people in charge of the school system are in charge of the prison system and the whole social system including politics, religion and labor.

    No major problem involving people can be solved without first or systematically creating a system of Justice in all areas of people activity including Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex and War.

    There is no legal working definition of Justice therefore the Compensatory definition of Justice is No one is mistreated and who needs help the most receives the most constructive help in all areas.

    To solve major problems we must use words that reveal Truth (that which is consistent with facts and reality) in order to produce Justice and Correctness at all times to ‘finish’ the ’unfinished business’ by uniting around a code of behavior to counter the code of behavior we are socialized in.
    Justice is better than Racism which is White Supremacy.

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  5. Agree, we should stop giving Zimmerman free publicity–ever again. Let others do it–dry it up. No Facebook, no YouTube, no Twitter, etc. — Nothing.

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