Ex-NFL Player Desmond Marrow Arrest Video Sparks Outrage On Social Media

They’re showing black people the 1950’s have returned. Desmond Marrow is the latest victim of WST. This man did nothing wrong but the WS law wasn’t built on right and wrong. It was built on oppression.

Hosted by Phillip Scott

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One Reply to “Ex-NFL Player Desmond Marrow Arrest Video Sparks Outrage On Social Media”

  1. No bail for Desmond Marrow involved in a road confrontation, but the man who killed four people gets bail. The police got away with stripping and brutalizing Charneshia Corley and Natasha McKenna. These cases were 100 times worse than the waffle case. Black people were pretty much mum on these cases, so pulling a Black woman’s top down probably seems to be nothing to them.

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