Media Propaganda and Distractions #TurnOffTheCorporateNewsMedia

Did you know that 90% of the media in America is owned by 6 corporations? Look at just a few of the ways that we have been duped by the propaganda in media. It’s time to learn truth and that can only occur by liberating our minds….and our minds can’t be liberated, IF IT’S OCCUPIED.

Media is the most powerful entity. It has the power to make the guilty innocent and the innocent guilty. -Malcolm X+



(Gaddafi wrote a book that he lived by in leading his country. He made school children and adults read this book. It breaks your mind of the Westernized Capitalist infrastructure. The information in the book will sound foreign to many because we have ALL been indoctrinated with this capitalistic economic view. The book really opened my eyes. The first thing America did after killing him and trying to destroy what he built in that country was to take this book out of the schools and out of the country. Below is a free link to THE GREEN BOOK. Read it for the sake of seeing a different ideology that is about liberation,…. not greed, power and the obsession with controlling someone else’s “NEED”)


Thank you all for supporting this web series. Liberation starts with our minds….and thank Yah people are waking up and searching, no matter the distractions.

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