State of Palestine: Funeral held for 15 y/o shot at Israel/Gaza border

Crowds of mourners carried the body of 15-year-old Palestinian Jamal Afanah through the streets of Rafah on Sunday, after he was fatally shot by the Israeli Defence Forces during the Great March of Return unarmed non-violent protests at the Israeli-Gaza border on Friday. Footage shows the crowds as they chant and carry Afanah through the city streets and into homes where mourners kissed the boy and paid their respects. Maher Yaqoub, an uncle of the Afanah, stated: “We will continue not only tomorrow or after tomorrow but until we get all our rights, our land and our prisoners.” The ‘March of Return’ is a campaign by Palestinians who are calling for the return of land, which is now claimed by Israel. – Twitter:

BTR News – Two-thirds of Gaza’s population of two million are refugees from the lands on which the state of Israel was declared in 1948 without any consultation with them. Israel has prevented the Palestinian refugees from returning to their lands and homes because they are not Jewish. Anywhere else in the world this would be called racism, apartheid and/or religious extremism. In the United States, it would be a blatant violation of the federal Civil Rights Act of 64. The Israeli policy is in clear violation of a number of the United Nation’s very own 30 Articles on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights The policy is not very much different than the Trump’s administration’s immigration ban on Muslims from certain African countries or his publicly stated preference that immigrants to the United States come from European countries.

It is no surprise that United Nations Security Council turns a blind eyed towards the atrocities happening on the disputed land in Israel. The United Nation’s Security Council for has stood by time and time again as the Israelis intentionally wound and kill civilians over the decades since 48.

Imagine if you lived in New Mexico and the United Nations held a vote to recognize the new nation of Mexico. Let’s say the former Mexican Americans are in charge politically and militarily and backed my Russians, China and Mexico decide all the white and black people must leave the nation and are eventually driven out by violence.  The land you once lived on that maybe been in your family for almost 100 hundred of years, is given to the newly arrived New Mexican citizen flocking in from all over the world to get some free land.  Imagine you and your fellow victims of the great expulsion then decide to engage in a peaceful demonstration on the border of New Mexico from your refugee camp in Arizona and the military of New Mexico starts shooting killing and maiming your family and friends.

It is not hard to figure out who stands on the side of justice and who is practicing injustice in this scenario but it seems most people in the United States and those among their political allies are picking sides not based on justice but picking sides based on race, religion and/or national origin. While Israel engages in this blatant disregard of human rights, its complicit partner Donald Trump pontificates from press podiums about the Iranian people being “deserving of justice” ignoring the outright murder of the protestors trapped in the Gaza strip.

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