Thando Radio Show: Should we question our rights?

In lieu of conversations surrounding UCC codes and liberating your straw man to “liberate oneself from the corporation”, there is serious cognitive dissonance around the issue of the usefulness of this strategy in the people activity area called law versus the reality of being Black and considered Black by our white colonizers in a system of white supremacy.

We will dissect a story of a former USMC officer who is white and attempted to exercise his “rights” using the constitution and UCC codes at a”routine” traffic stop and ended getting mauled by a 100 lb Belgian Malinois and assaulted by State Troopers. In a system where we, Black people are being executed extrajudicially on a daily basis, where the people in power, white people classify us as Black regardless of self-classification. Is telling Black people to explore this as an option to “free” themselves putting them in danger? Especially when we are on the precipice of economic disaster and moving towards an openly fascist gov’t structure where the constitution is already no longer valid and the president is given unlimited power over the military?

All this, what’s in the news and more today on Thando Radio Show with Jegna Khepera and Ras.

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