BTR News: Memorial Day, US War & Propaganda

Today is Memorial Day in the USA where most people treat it as just a day off from the job and a chance to do a little traveling perhaps visiting relatives. While there had been previous unofficial or state level observances where people paid homage to the casualties of the American Revolution, it was not adopted as an official holiday by the US government until after the American Civil War. For Black American people, free and recently freed former victims slavery “on May 1, 1865, in Charleston, South Carolina, held a parade of 10,000 people to honor 257 dead Union Soldiers, whose remains they had reburied from a mass grave in a Confederate prison camp”.

Today all US casualties of war are remembered and thanked, often disingenuously for sacrificing their lives which sadly, were killed in wars that had nothing to do with protecting “freedom and liberty” but died fighting to spread American imperialism and to take the land of Native Americans.

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3 Replies to “BTR News: Memorial Day, US War & Propaganda”

  1. Also assertion not is assertion. I have been sick lately on medicine so a little not focused.

  2. I apologize for typos: in as opposed to inn, 90 to 95% as opposed to 0 to 95% and apologies to Dr. Gerald Horne not gerald Horne.

  3. Adamantly disagree with this narrative. First, The French won the war with troops and money that supplied the racist colonists. For example, at Yorktown half the soldiers were French soldiers. Second, if you read Dr. Gerald Horne it was a counterrevolution because the British in 1772, were attempting to abolish slavery and the colonists did not like this move as well as being banned from taking more indigenous land from the 1763 Land Proclamation Act. (0-95 % of blacks fought for the British and not the colonists so your story is out of context. It was an emerging empire that the colonists openly admitted to and as history has shown that is assertion is correct. As far as the Civil War, most of these black soldiers did hard labor in the Union Army. Very few did combat and they faced racism inn the Union Army as well. These are just some examples of what the British termed ‘ ethnic soldiering’ which is to convince the oppressed to fight for their empire. From the Senegalese to the Gurkhas to the Scots to blacks ( free and slaves ) empires have convinced the oppressed to fight for them and the USA empire is no different. Again, I suggest you read Dr. gerald Horne’s seminal work ” 1776: A Counterrevolution”. Please have a good day.

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