Conservative Dinesh D’Souza Makes The Case For Pardoning Black People Selectively Targeted By Law Enforcement

BTR News – Bombay, India born Dinesh D’Souza, a naturalized citizen and conservative propaganda filmmaker that helped push the debunked claim that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, also known as birtherism, was recently pardoned by the birther President Donald Trump who claimed that D’Souza was “treated unfairly”. D’Souza appeared on CNN AC360 with Anderson Cooper to discuss the merits of his prosecution where he readily admits to setting up strawmen, one being a mistress, in New York to exceed individual campaign contribution limits in violation of US law. However, D’Souza without intending to do so made a case for the mass pardoning of Americans and others selectively targeted by law enforcement in the United States.

D’Souza, who admitted to breaking the campaign finance laws, but served no prison time, served up as his main argument against his prosecution, that he was selectively targeted because of his politics. While offering no proof that he was selectively targeted because of his politics, he suggests that he should not have been prosecuted because other people like Rosie O’Donnell violated campaign contribution limitations and were not prosecuted. While O’Donnell did not run the same strawman scheme to give more than allowed, he is correct in that she has of yet not been prosecuted for exceeding individual limitations.

However, D’Souza who is like most conservatives who accuse Black people of always playing the race card, it does not seem to occur to D’Souza that O’Donnell is a white woman and he is a dark skinned person of Indian descent and an immigrant whereas O’Donnell was born in the United States. While D’Souza isn’t above being a hypocrite, he never brings up race or his place of national origin because he knows it would harm his following among his suspected racist white fans who will confer honorary “whiteness” on non-white people who help advance their white supremacist ideology.

This is why D’Souza would never argue that Black people and Hispanics should be pardoned from prison, a place he escaped after the Obama appointed judge decided to give him probation instead of a prison sentence, for committing non-violent victimless drug crimes, especially those convictions pertaining to the manufacture, sale, and distribution of cannabis to consenting adults, a plant that is being legalized in many states.

Although D’Souza did not argue in court nor present any evidence that he was seletively targeted, there is ample evidence from several organizations studying criminal justice issues, that shows that primarily Black people followed by Hispanics, have been selectively targeted and prosecuted in the 40 plus year old failed drug war first launched in the United States by the Republican President Richard M. Nixon and continued under each and every adminstration since Nixon including Barack Obama’s adminstration who refused to change the status of cannabis in the DEA’s scheduling of drugs and only commuted the sentences of a few token prisoners, never issuing them pardons.

Targeting persons within the jurisdiction of the United States of America is a federal crime and the federal government has failed to enforce those laws within the US Justice Department or upon the many State’s Attorney Generals who are blatantly not just ignoring civil rights laws written into their state constitutions, but actively violating the civil rights of its own citizens based on race, ethnicity and national origin.

D’Souza should stop whining and offering up nonsensical defenses without evidence for campaign finance violations that he admitted to committing while knowing he was intentionally committing a crime for which if he was a Democrat, his birtherism buddies would have been demanding that ICE deport him back to his place of birth in India. D’Souza never spent one day in prison slavery as authorized by the 13th Amendment which was a compromise the Republican President Abraham Lincoln made with Confederates to end the war and allow them to keep practicing slavery albeit in a new form. D’Souza because of his politics, is enjoying the benefits of his conferred whiteness and that is the only reason he was pardoned even though he tried to undermine an election in New York.

Black Talk Media Project founder Scotty Reid is the host of BTR News and New Abolitionists Radio which he co-hosts. He has been hosting and producing news talk radio and podcasting since 2007 and has interviewed hundreds of guests on various topics. He is also a freelance writer who focuses on social and political issues from around the world and has been published by various outlets.

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