BTR News: Vile Rap Beef w/ Kwabena Sakidi Jijaga Rasuli & Current Events

In addition to going over some the news of the day, we will speak with Clear The Airwaves Project‘s Kwabena Sakidi Jijaga Rasuli about rap beef in hip-hop. A rap beef is usually connected to dis records, a dis is where one rapper says something disrespectful about another rap and sometimes it is just to generate a marketing buzz to see unites but a lot of time it seems personal and has resulted in killing.

In the wake of the recent rap beef between mainstream rappers Pusha T and Drake, rapper A$AP Ferg said…”I love that shit. We need that shit. We need that shit because I’m gettin’ a feelin’ that like when Nas said hip hop was dead, he was on to something. At first, we was like ‘you wildin’,’ this that and the third but he foreseen it.” Ferg explained, “with a lot of the stupid stuff that’s coming out or the wack shit that’s coming out, we’re losing the art of lyricism and just being able to be witty with words. What happened to that?”

Another rapper who goes by the name 6ix9ine recently said that the Chicago rapper Cheif Keef who was reportedly shot at recently outside a store suggests that it was the Chicago rapper’s background as a “gangsta rapper” that led folks to send literal shots his way. “I guess Chief Keef—you know, he’s a gangsta rapper. He promotes violence,” Tekashi says in the video. “I guess he has a lot of beef in these streets. I don’t know who’s he beefing with that wants to hurt him, but, it’s definitely not me. I’m actually a fan.”

In the news today,

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