BTR News: Is “Snitching” What We Should Call It When Cops Break Slave Catcher Culture Codes?

BTR News – A recent viral video clip shows out of Mesa, Arizona shows a mob of men in blue uniforms brutality laying kicks and headshots on a defenseless 40 something-year-old black man being on the receiving end of those blows. Of course, the men in blue were local police officers engaging in violent behavior that invokes the roots of the culture which comes from American slave catcher patrols and militia.

The former slavery abolitionist press known as The Atlantic published an article in May 2018 with a headline calling on “Police to Start Snitching“. Let us review portions of the article to see if it has any constructive suggestions on how to combat the culture of slave catcher violence in America. A significant portion of the text is devoted to Black culture and “snitching”. Portions of text attach the slang term “snitching” exclusively Afro American culture or society which itself seems problematic in an article presumably focusing on the cause of the current high rates of violence in the culture of law enforcement. However, the context of the piece does make some glaring observations about the criminal nature of incidents of police on citizen violence.

Popular Youtuber Jamarl Harris, as usual, delivered some biting commentary the other day calling the mob of cops “Animals” with thick necks who found a way to make a living brutalizing people.

Donald Trump is attempting to get through a known white nationalist through Congress. from a so-called “think-tank” that SPLC has labeled it a hate group based on its founder and its continued advocacy towards ensuring the United States remains a majority Euro-ethnostate.

The SPLC reports, “On Thursday, President Trump nominated Ronald W. Mortensen, a fellow with the anti-immigrant hate group Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), for Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. ”

Sign the petition: Trump picks racist hate group fellow and white nationalist to oversee refugee resettlement! – CREDO Action

Trump has publicly courted the white nationalist since his 2016 campaign and to further court that vote, he is nominating white nationalists to key positions within the Executive branch of the Us government. Is Donald Trump’s nomination of Ronald Mortensen an attempt to make good on “promises” made to white nationalist according to David Duke? Mortensen’s nomination has come not long after Trump’s remarks on “shithole” countries with non-desirables.

What is the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) and who is this white nationalist John Tanton and how is he connected to Trump’s nominee?

Will the Black community turn out in support of the new Spike Lee Joint “BlacKkKlansman“, a film that he calls his “wake-up call” to the world? Spike Lee does not mince his words when expressing his thoughts on Donald Trump promoting white nationalist ideology.

Hopefully, before closing out today’s broadcast, we can touch upon the issue of people calling police on their neighbors. Black people call police on black people, sometimes for civil disputes and low-level misdemeanor s which depending on the cop and the reaction by the neighbor to the cops can and do end in death. How should you handle noise complaints? Let us look at the article “When to Call the Cops on a Neighbor ”

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