White Settler Charged in Shooting Near Volcano In Hawaii As Pele Continues To Spread Her Fire

Seen in a video that went viral, the white settler living on the Big Island of Hawaii who fired several shots over the head of another white settler has been arrested and faces multiple charges for the shooting near the Kilauea lava flows. A witness said the gunman seemed to be upset that people were coming to see the lava that had devasted the settlement as more homes continue to be swallowed in the lava flow from Kilueau.

Patty Jones told The Associated Press she started recording cellphone video after the man stormed out of his pickup truck and accosted another neighbor last week, believing the man didn’t belong there. Her video shows the first man firing over the other man’s head. The first man pointed the gun at the second, who was screaming, “I live here.”

John Hubbard is charged with reckless engendering, terroristic threatening and other charges in state court. U.S. prosecutors have also charged him with being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition. – Tampa Bay Times

If the possible cause of the earthquake wasn’t strongly suggested to be a man-made event due to dangerous fracking on the volcano, one might think fire goddess Pele was exacting justice for the terrible unpunished crimes against the Hawaiian people.

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