USA: Immigration “Crisis” Created By White Supremacist Policy To Facilitate “Racial Dislocation” & Prison Slavery

Mr. Neely Fuller Jr describes the use of eminent domain to take the homes of the victims of racism/white supremacy by white people in charge who are the cause of 99% of the mass migrations people are calling immigration but accurately described as “racial dislocation” when it concerns the movement of non-white people on the planet..

“That’s one thing the white supremacist have to do and they do it periodically, make people move in large numbers all over the world all the time.” = Neely Fuller Jr. Visit

The oppressor, white supremacists and their proxies in the media to confuse people using the presumed nationalities of refugees to obscure the fact that the United States default policy towards non-white people all over the world is racism. Mass migrations in the modern world are mostly man-made, nature cannot be blamed for forcing millions of non-white people from their homes, their lands, their ancestral grounds, white people and the governments they control are to blame for all “racial dislocation”.

When you include the private prison industry, what you are looking at is a refinement of 18-century slavery coded in the 13th amendment of the US Constitution.

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