Ebony, The Root & BET Censure News About National Prison Strikes Against Slavery

It is day four of the national strike against slavery implemented through the prisons as authorized by the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution. While there have been some US-based mainstream outlets who have covered the historic strikes, a number of major outlets targeting Black people have not done a single story on the #PrisonStrike nor have they re-tweeted a single tweet about it.

While not featured in this video for the sake of time, a number of well known not-so-mainstream self-described “radical” outlets and popular Black YouTubers have also been quiet about the strikes. And we wonder why so many Black Americans and American, in general, are ignorant and information deprived.

This is why we started the non-profit Black Talk Media Project but because we don’t seek grants from the usual suspects in order to maintain our independence, we have not been able to fully implement our mission in replacing lost community radio stations as we set out to do. However, using the scant resources we do have, we have had an impact on spreading the word that slavery was never abolished in the United States when we started New Abolitionists Radio in 2013 to challenge the “mass incarceration” narrative with the truth about it being a continuation of slavery.

Those who subscribed to these outlets should reconsider who they are supporting and get news from that is ignoring the greatest and longest-running crime against humanity in the history of humans.

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