Diaspora News: Economic Update:  Capitalism’s Problems Provoke Opposition (US)

Economic Update: [S8 E11] Capitalism’s Problems Provoke Opposition
THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
00:46 – Updates on Missouri vote for union position;
03:30 – the irrationality of student debt;
05:53 – economic sanction of Iran isolates and costs U.S. for Trump political gains;
09:18 – Monsanto puts profits over cancer risks;
11:56 – Louisiana legislature punishes big banks for lending to assault rifle producers (not for money laundering, illegal fees, mortgage loan disaster etc.).
15:09 – SPECIAL GUEST: Professor Wolff interviews Troy Walcott, a Spectrum Cable technician on strike in New York City.

Troy Walcott born and raised in Brooklyn NY. He has worked for the cable company for twenty years. At the time of strike, he served as a survey technician. He is a local 3 shop steward for Spectrum cable.

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