Justice Radio Station:Mistik Mixx -Tips Countering Insidious Education (Mistreatment System)- Socialization Process

Uniting around principles for constructive thoughts, speech, action.  With everything we are taught, Remember that as ‘Africans’ we have a world view- A spiritual & social cosmology, symbolized by Maat-Africa/Black Goddess depicted with feather of truth atop her head, the scale of justice in one hand and the key of life(Ankh) in the other, interpreting life as part of a natural & universal whole. This humane moral, ethical and spiritual philosophy was created by the Kemetic people of Africa’s Nile Valley.

 Order in the land was maintained  by a system that effectively developed the moral faculties in people, allowing only such men and women who had developed their moral faculties to hold positions of government, thus living a spiritually controlled way of life with its accompanying social harmony,peace and prosperity. For this to happen (the individual guarantees no one is mistreated including the individual and who needs help the most receives the most constructive help in all areas Economics, Education, Entertainment, Labor, Law, Politics, Religion, Sex, War, Counter War).
 The European world view  (Maafa) usurped, destroyed the ‘African’ world view  with a policing system, separating religion from the state, education, separated ‘God’, from nature, from Man, separated spirit from physical matter, the divine from the mundane, in short, their insidious Socialization process alienated Man from’God’, the world, and ones’ Self. Dividing and segregating all things and people from each other and the whole. 


   Beginning and end of all knowledge is knowledge of self. This is done through self inquiry. Justice Radio Station provide Tips and suggestions for knowledge of self vs. belief regarding self.

                  Tips :Managing Our System

 More complex than space craft, this human mechanism. When it is said that the system is operated from within  – not talking about heart, lungs, kidney,liver, spleen,brain, though this is happening from within the body, it is all a pop up that eventually pops down. 

The within to be conscious of is the intelligence happening after you eat a pear, in hours it is a person. What do you call That which turns food into a human? A magician? “God”? Can a magician turn food into a human? No! This must be “god” happening. Imagine being aware of a drop of this intelligence on a consistent basis. 

 Point being, be conscious of this intelligence within, everyday automatically powering this human gadget. For this to happen we must sincerely admit what I know, I know. What I don’t know I don’t know. 

When you come to and say I don’t know, opens possibility of knowing.

You think you are absolute, yes?  Close your mouth and hold your noise….

See, the breath cannot be contained, the trees are like the other half of our lungs, we are all on life support, everything is transacting there is only one 

omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent,  ONE: No-Thing!   

  True State of Who We are cannot be contained. Transcend psychological conditioning (erase boundaries(Relative Reality of our psychological makeup as human, male/female, rich, poor, Black, White, Conservative, Liberal ).

  Identify with the subtle energy matter, indwelling intelligence (consciousness) that turn food into human and as the ‘breath’ cannot be contained, this is who and what “I” Is. 

 Insperience the essential formlessness of ones’ Being.

All that we had to go on was the intellectual argument to the effect that “in order for us to transcend a particular habit or addiction, our spirits must be essentially unformed.”

 In Absolute Reality EVERYTHING is ONE. Relative Reality is the state most people are caught up in. We must transcend Relative reality to live within Absolute Reality.

 The scientific process to accomplish the goal of

transcendence, liberation, salvation, 

self-realization MEANS to transcend the person (Not see your Self as the Person- Woman, Man, Male, Female, Black, White, Sinner?, Democrat, Republican, Perishable),

 Assert the Self-, Identify with your Natural Nature, Unperishable  (Indwelling intelligence-Consciousness) as you do your day to day chores and activities, doing all things in your Maat state, your Black Goddess State, remember, it is about Self Perception how you see your SELF which is not the same as your person.

In truth, one is not taking a selfie (smile)!

 Here, we come face to face with the reality of Who and What “I Am”.    

Consciously creating Pleasantness within Pleasantness all around.


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