Real Life the radio show: How would life be if the Dred Scott case was overturned?


Join me and Ras as we discuss the news of the day along with current events. As I have been getting ready to defend myself in court, outside of spending as much time with my family as I can one thing is constantly on my mind. The Dred Scott V. Stanford case, where Judge Roger B. Taney was the U.S. Supreme Court chief justice who wrote the Dred Scott decision, issued March 6, 1857, that ruled Congress could not regulate slavery and that blacks could not be considered U.S. citizens. Seeing how slave catchers get off most of the time for wrongful imprisonment, death, crimes, and convictions. How would life be if the Dred Scott decision was overturned? Join us at 9pm est. Tuesday night and give us your thoughts on this subject.

Call in at 704-802-5056 press ** to be heard.

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