BTR News: Is Trump Looking To Launch Wider War In Syria?

President Donald Trump gave a very aggressive, narcissistic and hypocritical speech at the UN this week which solicited laughs as he claimed to have done more in two years than all previous administrations in US history. He talked about how strong the US military is and how much has been spent to make the US military the strongest in the world. Some are wondering if the Trump administration is about to lead the US into yet another war meddling in the affairs of sovereign nations. Trump mentioned that other nations should respect the sovereignty of the USA while at the same time threatening the sovereignty of other nations like they are doing in Syria. The US has no UN mandate to be in Syria but has over 2,000 US troops on Syrian soil under claims they are there to fight terrorist.

Yet when the Syrians and their allies announced a major offensive to clear out the remaining jihadist in Syria, the US was one of the biggest critics citing humanitarian concerns that were never expressed when they funded, armed and trained those trying to overthrow Syria’s secular government.

Today Turkey, which borders Syria announced that there may be as many as 10,000 Islamic extremists in Idlib province in Syria. It is hard to ascertain from the Trump administration what exactly is the mission of the US forces illegally occupy Syria. If you asked White House National Security Adviser John Bolton, US forces will remain in Syria as long as the Iranians forces invited by Syria remain in Syria. However, the US military leadership has said that despite Bolton’s claims, the mission is to rid Syria of ISIL and that has not changed.

One thing for sure that has not changed is the long history of the US government of interfering in the internal affairs of sovereign nations and facilitating violent so-called regime changes. Considering the Russians and Iranians resolve not to be told what to do by the US government, Syria could be the flashpoint for the next major war which will cause massive casualties with the US commander and chief Trump being a such an unstable, unreliable and untrustworthy leader and the rest of the nations have taken notice.

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