Mistik Mixx – Recognizing, Resolving Mistreatment Socialization Process of “Whiteness”

Our discussion – recognizing, resolving Racism which is White Supremacy. 

LOOK DEEP WITHIN (Central Theme), Discover Self! BE! This will provide consciousness needed to counter deceptive mistreatment socialization process of “Whiteness” that keep All individuals maladjusted.

Be Aware that it is a necessity for the Colonial Political Economic Forces (System) to keep everyone maladjusted so that society operates as is in all areas of people activity including economics, education, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, war, counter war.

For counter war to happen takes a bit of self knowledge, looking deep into ones’ self facing the truth no matter how painful. Always ask, am I really who I am taught to be? If not, how do I change?

Before real activity of change takes place get to the Meta Physics of change. One must know guiding concepts, values, goals and other important factors that contribute to what one is trying to accomplish in the world itself.

Genuine change must be preceded by Meta Physical Change – Change in Values, Perceptions and what is seen as Goals for Life and reason for Living.



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