Mistik Mixx : Socialization Process Of “Whiteness”

 Using words that reveal truth to produce correctness will Counter Socialization Process of “Whiteness”.

       Goals For Life

Have a Major Definite Purpose – A Central Theme

 Identify the Central Theme, is it Marriage, Career, becoming a Magician or Being Self? All of your sub goals should be supportive of the major definite goal, your central theme.

 Ask and Answer Who Am I? Am I Really Who I Am Taught To Be? Colored, Negro, Negro American, Black, Black American, Afro American, African American? Non White is a true depiction of this deception.

 What is Education? Knowing everything need to be known at the time it needs to be known in order to do the most constructive thing.

 Where are we? Are we really where we are taught we are?

Democracy, Republic, Constitutional Republic, Open Air Prison, Plantation, Concrete Slave Ship, Corporation, Best Nation in the World, Land of the Free home of the brave, United States of America, United States for America, Inc.

 Where are we? To Counter the colonial political economic  mistreatment socialization process of “whiteness”, know the philosophy, ideology, conditioning tools, social practices that keep everyone participating and keeping colonial political economic forces thriving.


Determination of relative position of something or someone, especially ones’ self. The surroundings provide clues to help with orientation. Clues: Bias, Stereotypes, Prejudice, Race, Racism. Black is Bad, White is Good.


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