Mistik Mixx: Institutionalization of “Blackness”

  Discussing – Institutionalization of “Blackness”. 

Controlled by the Socialization Process of “Whiteness”, “Blackness” becomes institutionalized starting with the idea – Black is Bad, White is Good.

To not be Bad, Cursed, Sinner, you need a Savior outside of your person, your “self” (Your Being). In other words The Greatest Impediment to Knowledge of Self is Self Perception .

How do You see Your “SELF”?

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It is important that we get to the Meta Physics of Liberation before the real activity of liberation takes place and this takes a bit of Self-Knowledge, looking deep into ones-self, facing the truth no matter how painful. You see, it is a political and economical necessity to keep Black and all non-white people mal-adjusted in order for society to exist as it is.

 Dr. Amos Wilson and Tehuti reminds us, before real activity of  liberation, revolution, before real activity of change takes place one must know Guiding Concepts, Values, Goals, psychological, phil-o-soph-i-cal, ideological and other important factors  that contribute to what one is trying to accomplish in the world itself.

Genuine Revolution, liberation, genuine change must be preceded by Meta Physical Change-Change in Values, Perceptions and what is seen as Goals for Life and Reason for living. 

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