BTR News: Trump Shows His Hand As An Enemy Of The US Constitution

Donald Trump exposed himself and others to be domestic enemies of the US Constitution. Yes, the very Constitution that Trump and other members of his cabinet swore an oath to uphold and defend but would be undermined if they had their way.

The US Constitution is the highest law of the land on which every law passed in the United States must meet constitutional muster determined by the US federal courts.

President Trump has been part of the birther movement that emerged during the candidacy of former President Barack Obama circulating propaganda that he wasn’t a US citizen despite not only being born in Hawaii but to a mother who was a US Citizen. Racism was at the root of the conspiracy theories concerning Barack Obama just as racism is the root of Trump’s proposed executive order to circumvent the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution and end birthright citizenship. We know racism is the motivating factor because Trump himself has called for more “white immigrants” from countries like Norway as opposed to non-white immigrants from “s-hole” countries that happen to all have non-white populations.

In support of this treasonous notion that Trump can circumvent the US Consitution, conservatives are floating around the doctrine of “intent”. They are arguing that the authors who wrote and the legislators who ratified the 14th Amendment intended to only grant citizenship to the victims of slavery and their future descendants aka African Americans. If that is their argument and they truly believe in it, then they should be more than willing to give up their US citizenship granted by the 14th Amendment to their immigrant parents like in Trump’s case. Anyone granted citizenship by way of naturalization should be stripped of it if their ancestors came from Europe to the United States after the American Civil War which would be well over half of the current citizens classified as white.

If Trump does issue the proposed executive order, one could argue he has provided clear evidence that he should be impeached for violating his oath of office. This has been Scotty Reid with a Black Talk Radio Commentary, check out more podcasts at Black Talk Radio Network dot com.

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