Venezuela: Thousands Rally Against The Traitor Juan Guaido, A US Puppet

Thousands of pro-Nicolas Maduro demonstrators gathered in the streets of Caracas on Wednesday, in protest against opposition leader Juan Guaido declaring himself as “Interim President of Venezuela” earlier in the day. Footage shows demonstrators waving the Venezuelan flag and holding banners. Juan Guaido, who is the leader of the opposition and the head of the National Assembly, declared the inauguration of Nicolas Maduro, on January 10, and swore himself in as Interim President of Venezuela on Jan 23.

US President Donald Trump was among the first world leaders to recognize Guaido as acting president. Other governments including Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia followed suit.

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  1. We know this is the Real Deal because unlike many mainstream propaganda news outlets and websites, this website allows the readers to leave comments. Is it just me? Has anyone noticed that at the end of many articles that one thing is missing? That one thing is the ability to leave your comments at the end of an article. That has become my personal litmus test…….If I don’t see a place where I can express my opinions I just skip the article entirely

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