Man Tasered 11 Times While Handcuffed Sues Glendale AZ Police Department

BTR News – An Arizona man is suing the suburban police department in Glendale, for excessive force after a video shows officers escalating the encountered after a traffic stop for an alleged turn signal violation. Johnny Wheatcroft says he was purposefully tasered in his testicles. The Glendale Police Department denies many of the claims despite the encounter being captured on one of the cop’s body cam. Wheatcroft was traveling as a passenger in a friends car with his wife who was driving and their two small children.

Arizona does not have any state laws that require citizens to have id on them at all times and the Glendale threatened to arrest and fingerprint Mr. Wheatcroft for not having an id. Since Wheatcroft was not operating a vehicle and is not required to have an id on his person in Arizona, the cop escalated the interaction by making threats of what would clearly be a false arrest. Arizona does have “stop and identify” statues very similar to stop and frisk but a person is only required to tell officers their name, they don’t have to produce id to prove what their name is.

Longer video of the interaction.

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