Confronting the Xenophobia & Proxy Racism of the #ADOS Hashtag Movement

Tonight on BTR News we will be joined by Bro. Ras to discuss the anti-African and xenophobic elements of the #ADOS hashtag movement for reparations and why it is so offensive to many Afro-Descendant people as its leaders and some of the followers are trafficking in stereotypes and the demonization of immigrants to the United States.

After defending the movement against Russian bot accusations and just about to support it, I have to now distance myself from it and warn the audience of Black Talk Radio about the fallacies of joining a movement rooted in xenophobia and attacking Pan Africanism and the historic Black Radio Tradition. Afro-descendant immigrants have a history of struggling side by side with Black Americans in some of the greatest movements against white supremacy this nation has seen and have not witnessed since. People like Marcus Garvey, Kwame Toure aka Stokely Carmichael and American Descendants of Victims of Slavery. People like Malcolm X who was assassinated shortly after his conscious awakening that came after his trips to Mecca and the continent of Africa to establish support on the continent for American Blacks in the global struggle against white supremacy.

I will also talk about the history of African Americans participating in some of the worst human crimes in US history like the extermination of American Indians in the West, the overthrow of Puerto Rican sovereignty, the overthrow of South American nations and more recent the murder of the Pan Africanist leader of Libya resulting in the rise of open-air human trafficking aka slavery in one of the most prosperous nations in Africa. Ghaddafi attempted to give billions of dollars to help Black Americans but was blocked by the US government without a peep from the Congressional Black Congress before he was killed by jihadists aided by the CIA in the overthrow of his nation, again, without protest but praised by some Black Americans like Rev. Bernice King.

Ras is an American born son of Trinidadian immigrants who studied Pan African history at the feet of Black scholars in the New York area to talk about what seems to be the latest crab in the bucket expression by non-white people.

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