Racial Drama In Charlotte, NC Concludes With West Charlotte Win Over Ardrey Kell

The West Charlotte Lions used a dominating fourth quarter to pull away from the Ardrey Kell Knights to win 69-53 and reach the state semifinals.

BTR News – As if the there was enough drama and suspense surrounding a North Carolina high school basketball playoff game as Carolinians take their hoops serious, but racial drama and suspense were inserted into the mix when one of the top players for the Audrey Kell Knights decided to direct a racial slur at West Charlotte players over Snapchat days leading up to the game.

The unidentified slur that was posted by the unidentified student captured by screenshot likely by another student and brought to the attention of Audrey Kell school administrators who in turn notified the offending student’s parents. The player was suspended from school and the team and the parents issued a long worded apology about what’s really in their son’s heart, yadda, yadda, yadda, racism.

What’s odd is the lengths that the local press is going to hide the identity of the student that directed racial slurs at West Charlotte players, it is like he is the victim or something instead of the teen who uses racial slurs towards Black people.


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