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One Reply to “Justice Radio Station Mistik Mixx: Who is this “Mystery God”? Pt.One”

  1. Who is this mystery god indeed this is my first time writing to you I’m a researcher I have heard the arguments that messiah and apostles were not white and all the Old Testament prophets not white except Noah he was albino and I agree seeing this is the case and the true Hebrew Israelites were dark skinned some awakened African Americans say they are the dissendents of than my question is if this is all true than why all this talk of restitution ? because the children of Israel were disobedient to the creator which caused them to be in captivity to this day? which everyone weather they know it or not has been in bondage from the beginning.yes there we’re tragic despicable things done in times past but truth is truth .the truth of the matter is we were ALL lied to about our origins kept in ignorance till this day just want to know your thoughts there is so much more to be discussed but for now I will close thank you for your time.

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