Where Are The Slave Ships? Why Aren’t They In Museums? 🙄

Answering the question about the slave ships and the trans Atlantic slave trade. Did African Americans come to America on slave ships from Africa. If so where are all the slave ships?

The videos mentioned are below:
“Why The Aboriginal Americans think They Are Native To America Explained & Debunked”

“The Truth About Slavery”

“African Americans Are Not African”

“Is the out of Africa Theory Real”

“How Africa Got It’s Name”

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Are Black Americans The Real Native Americans?
Apparently African Americans Are Not From Africa… Please watch this video all the way through, I hope this video answers some questions and helps educate you a little more on this topic.
This video is a response to Dane Calloway Video regarding the slave ships.

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One Reply to “Where Are The Slave Ships? Why Aren’t They In Museums? 🙄”

  1. Slave ships are not in museams Maybe cause they are being kept outside of the states . Where ever other artifacts are located . I heard artifacts are in European , England .

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