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BTR News: Political Gerrymandering, School Desegregation, Biden & Bernies “Yelling”

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The SCOTUS ruled that state legislatures can create political districts as they see fit and no one can challenge it in Federal Court. Senator Kamala Harris lit into Joe Biden over school racial segregation with facts. Harris mentioned her childhood as a Black child in the second generation of children who go to a desegregated school while Biden was colluding with segregationists. Let us take a deep dive and unpack the issues brought out. Also, a noticeable attack on Bernie Sanders emerged on social media following the debate which was based on a theme that “Sander’s was an old man yelling at the television”. A cheap shot that has nothing to do with his platform but more to do with his speech pattern. However, no one accused Biden of “yelling” at Harris when he attempted to spin his response to her accusation that he cozied up to racists.

This and more today on BTR News. Program Notes

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