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Best to You and Yours Scotty Reid, Black Talk Radio Network Right On!

Thanks to Neely Fuller Jr., using Divine Intelligence, sharing a Code to Counter The Eurocentric Universal Mistreatment Socialization Process.

 In Addition, with pages 58, 59, 60 of the First –United Independent Compensatory Code System Concept. Remember, as long as the Universal Eurocentric Mistreatment Socialization Process exist, use all of your time/energy doing no more than the following, and do not willfully make or maintain contact with other persons except for these purposes:

 1)    Producing, building, repairing, improving and/or cleaning those things that have constructive value and using these things for constructive purposes only.

 2) Studying, writing, asking questions and/or exchanging views with others about all aspects of how to eliminate racism, and or how to produce Justice in all areas of activity including economics, education, entertainment, labor, law, politics, religion, sex, war, counter war.

Eating and sleeping correctly and only as necessary.

 4) Engaging in sexual intercourse no more than twice every seven (7) days and using a minimum amount of time and resources in association with such engagements.

In addition Do 4 Big Things:

 4) Question everything taught to believe. Is it Truth?

 3) Notice how everyone refer to Self as I, I Am? Who is the I everyone refer to as Self?

 2) Tune in Justice Radio Station 8 p.m. est.Jailhouse Psychotherapy—Countering Psychological Slavery.

 1) Understand Ideology of the Socialization Process-  using Mind Control through Words, definition of words. Assert Self, Deny Not Self, living day to day with mundane activities.

How are things? Visit democracyversusjus.wixsite.com/bookstoreforjustice

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