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BTR News: Harris & Biden Caught In Lies, The Lolita Express Grounded, Man Says Rap Music Made Him Kill Teen & War w/ Iran

BTR News – Presidential Candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were both caught lying about their past support for policies concerning building state prisons and reporting children to ICE for deportation. Billionaire Jeffery Epstein who counts a number of high profile people as his friends were busted on sex trafficking charges over the weekend. Epstein counts both Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and British Royale Prince Andrew among friends. A white man who was recently released from prison slit the throat of a teen in a Circle K store killing him and said the teen’s rap music made him feel threatened. In international news, Iran increases uranium enrichment levels, Trump issued another threat and sends a thousand more US troops to the region as sanctions cause people to die in Iran.

This news and more today on BTR News.

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