Texas Man Tased & Beat Up After Being Told By Cop He Was Free To Go

BTR News – Baytown, Texas police have released body cam footage that showed that the detention of a resident for acting “suspiciously” in the parking lot of a gas station does not seem legitimate use of police resources. An unedited version of the body cam shows Kedrick Crawford asking an officer for clarification for what was occurring after consenting to a police search of his vehicle.

Know Your Rights advocates advise never consenting to searches of any kind unless the officer has a warrant for the property to be searched and what they are looking to find.

However, it was clear that Crawford was confused about his rights but did ask the officer “when am I free to go” to which the officer replied, “whenever man”. After moving to get in his vehicle, the officer then started to arrest a confused Crawford who was just told he was free to leave. Crawford was tased and roughed up by officers sustaining several injuries.

As of yet, Crawford has not filed an official police conduct complaint nor hired an attorney.

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