Did Donald Trump Expose Jefferey Epstein To Florida Police Because Of A Personal Vendetta?

By Scotty T. Reid – As the Jefferey Episten human trafficking case is in the preliminary stages of his criminal prosecution on charges related to running an alleged sex trafficking ring that preyed on unsuspecting vulnerable teens, the US press has been busy filing speculative reports about everyone ever associated with him. This includes the current US President Donald J. Trump and former US President Bill Clinton. Both men seem to have enjoyed personal relationships with Epstein that went beyond the intersection of finance and politics. It seems that Epstein and Trump shared an interest in real estate and there is chatter that a real estate deal was the source of their falling out.

Jefferey Epistien has suffered some sort of an attack while in custody that left him bruised and unconscious on the floor and given the high profile nature of case, it seems awfully suspicious to some who speculate that perhaps there are some powerful and politically connected people who want to silence Epistien hoping perhaps the prosecution would die with him.

However, a report has been filed by Chris Spargo for the DailyMail.com that according to author Michael Wolff, an associate of both men in the early 80s, the first investigation by Florida law enforcement into Jeffery Epistien’s alleged activities was on a tip from Donald Trump or someone within his employ. Perhaps this detail is shared in Fire & Fury, the book by Michael Wolff but Palm Beach police have neither confirmed nor denied thus far on what’s being reported.

President Trump in the past has hinted at having knowledge of Epistien’s alleged activities back as far as 2002 when he said in an interview with New York Magazine who was profiling Epstein,

It’s “even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side,”. It is important to note that when Trump made this comment in 2002, he remained friends and a close associate of Jefferey Epstein, a relationship being revealed in articles about who the two from time to time indulged in their common liking of “beautiful women”.

However, the two would fall out with on another hard over a real estate deal. Wolff writes in Fire and Fury, Just as the enmity between the two friends increased over the house purchase, Epstein found himself under investigation by the Palm Beach police,’ writes Wolff.

Epstein apparently had informed Trump about a mansion that was going on auction and that he planned to purchase it. It is said that Epstein told Trump because he did not believe Trump had the cash flow to compete in the auction of the multimillion-dollar home. What Epstein did not know is that Trump went to Deutsche Bank to secure 41 million dollars in financing which allowed him to outbid Epstein and buy the home out from under his friend. Epstein reportedly was incensed over the matter and threatened to expose Trump’s source of finances.

After hearing of the threat, it is alleged that Trump decided to report Epstein to police over his love for beautiful women, “on the younger side”.

Spargo writes,

Trump likely had knowledge of the alleged criminal enterprise due to the fact that Epstein recruited from his private club. Two Epstein victims claim they were approached while employees of the spa at Mar-a-Lago. President Trump in turn banned Epstein from the club, but according to Wolff did not sever the friendship entirely until years later.

Was it Trump who first reported Epstein to the Palm Beach Police resulting in the criminal investigation that led to Epstein getting a sweetheart deal from the prosecution and special treatment that allowed Epstein to go to and from the jail he was to do his short sentence at will? According to Wolff, he did and that would mean Trump was not concerned about the alleged crimes committed by Epstein and rather than to turn him in to protect young women and girls, Trump turned in his friend over a personal vendetta.

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