Justice Radio Station: Mistik Mixx -Take Back Baltimore! Starting with SELF Knowledge!

 Let your voice be heard for well being.

Greetings, Welcome, Thanks for sharing time, space, energy, to look at things another way. Take a few minutes, think about your lifelong goal, something that short term and long term goals are supportive of.

It appears we are born on a planet. Into a system, society where words, definition of words, fantasies, myths, beliefs, Stereotypes, are already in place for The Socialization Process. Once internalized regulates behavior.

Question everything taught to believe. Is it Truth?

 As Americans we are conditioned to dress in costumes in October, overeat in November overspend December and so on. The Socialization Process is subtle, subliminal, calculated, deliberate. Most of all it is effective. These beliefs, fantasies, myths are learned in early childhood and become second nature by adulthood.

Question everything taught to believe. Is it truth?

 Justice Radio Station is attempting to show another way to look at things, everyone is invited.

 An unwise society fails to teach its citizens “knowing” (experiencing of a reality) versus believing acquired information.

Lesson one– three things to know.

Summarizing the first two—

One thing to know, to understand, is existence. Notice how everyone refer to self as I, I Am? Who is the I, I Am everyone refer to as self? I Am means existence exist. There is awareness of existence, that awareness is I. I Am.

Existence is infinite, eternal, complete. That which is eternal complete, infinite is I , I Am. 

Join the lesson, attempting to show another way to look at things for Well Being. Thanks Kindly.

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