Sanders National Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray Articulates Campaign’s Stance on Reparations

By Scotty Reid – 2020 Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has oft been criticized in media targeting Black voters for a response he gave to a CNN host when told Sen. Elizabeth Warren supports reparations. Sanders correctly asked the CNN host well what do reparations mean exactly, what specific policy initiatives does Warren support. I recently wrote about a political cartoon targeting the Sanders campaign and Black voters published in August of 2019 that has possible foreign origins.

The Sanders campaign has recently been aggressively pushing back against the fake news narrative coming from mainstream media sources and from dark corners of the web on a number of issues.

The Baltimore based non-profit news outlet Real News Network recently spoke with the Sanders campaign’s National Press Secretary Briahna Joy Gray for a segment where among many things, race and reparations were brought up and she was able to articulate clearly on where Sen. Bernard (Bernie) Sanders stands on the issue of reparations and economic justice.

Watch the full interview on the Real News Network here.

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