Alabama Families Travel To DC For Rally For Prisoner’s Human Rights And To Press The US DOJ To Act

Alabama prisoners, women, and children with incarcerated loved ones, state and national Prison Slavery Abolition Organizations will hold a rally and press conference in Washington, DC. The “Alabama to DC: End Prison Slavery” rally will feature speeches from prisoners inside, attendees will share their personal stories and there will be music. The rally is on September 20th from 4 pm to 6 pm at Pershing Park, corner of 14th St NW & Pennsylvania Ave NW, in Washington DC.

A press release for the event reads as follows:

Unheard Voices OTCJ, along with DC Abolition Coalition and allies will gather from 4 PM to 6 PM with a delegation of women and children from Alabama who have been personally impacted by the Alabama DOC to confront the Department of Justice for their inaction after finding ongoing, egregious 8th amendment violations in Alabama prisons earlier this year. As one voice from the inside declares, “the prisons in Alabama are functioning in the same exact manner. Men are being murdered, assaulted, raped, overdosing and being denied mental and medical care constantly. These conditions have become frequent and ADOC is failing to report the many incidents that take place in order to gain favor in the eyes of the Federal agencies involved in investigating ADOC and to gain favor with you, the public.”

We demand that the DOJ follow through on their commitment to file suit against the Alabama prison system! We demand that U.S. Attorney General William Barr uphold his oath of office, and we demand the removal of US Attorney Jay Town. We demand #NoNewPrisons!

We know that Alabama politicians and US Attorney for the Northern District Jay Town are not going to protect the rights of incarcerated individuals and hold their own accountable and prosecute the civil rights violations of prisoners and criminal activities of the ADOC. We know that their priority is only building three new private prisons which will exacerbate the human rights abuses and expand prison slavery in Alabama.

Those gathered at this family-friendly event will amplify the cry heard from behind the walls: “We are MEN!” These words are an echo of those spoken on the first day of the 1971 Attica Rebellion — a reminder of our past, a call to action, and an insistence on the humanity of incarcerated individuals whose constitutional rights require equal protection and enforcement by the Department of Justice.

If you are in the DC area, please attend the rally and show your support for bringing an end to the terrible conditions that exist within the Alabama prison system.

Press Contacts:

Mona Song

Mei Azaad

Fariha Huriya

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