BTR News: Joshua Brown’s Murder & The Speculation of the Imagination

BTR News – A scene in the movie “The Hateful Eight” comes to mind when I think about some of the commentary from MSM pundits concerning the murder of Joshua Brown. In one of the scenes, Major Warren uses logic to determine who poisoned the coffee that killed John Ruth the Hangman and Obe, the stagecoach driver. While Major Warren was masterful in use of logical speculation, pundits in the MSM have not been so logical in determining whether reports about murder victim Joshua Brown who was shot to death just days after testifying in the Amber Guyger murder trial and have instead engaged in providing their fans with speculation of their imaginations.

Anyone who tries to feed into the perceived confirmation biases of their readers, viewers or listeners, is ethical and certainly not a trustworthy news source.

Correction: Monique Judge is the writer of The Root Article and not Michael Harriot.

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