Real Life Radio: How deep is the Power of Addiction?

  • 12/3/19

Live at 9 pm est Join hosts Ras and Jegna Khepera as they discuss current news and problems inside the black community and what, if anything can be done.

Call in and listen at 719-284-5271 code 70637

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4 Replies to “Real Life Radio: How deep is the Power of Addiction?”

  1. Great show! I honestly think our dilemma is religion. We are divided by religion. I’m Muslim & we are told that all people count & are to be respected equally. That prevents us from black power. Black unity. The catholic religion basically says the same thing with all of their different sects – Protestant, Baptist etc, we don’t know how to unify. We are fearful to unify.

    1. Protestants which would include Baptists, are not a sect of the Catholic Church. The Protestant movement began as a protest of the Catholic Church. Practicing Justice requires that people are not mistreated for any reason, if there can be no unity around the principles of justice then it doesn’t matter what religion you practice, what your skin color is and what biological sex you have. If we all became atheists, the same issues pertaining to racism and sexism would exist and the class divide (haves and have-nots) would exist. I have more in common with the white working-class people living in my county than I do with the billionaire Oprahs and Byron Allens of the world.

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