Bloomberg Said He Could Not Win Nationally So Is He Only Running To Stop Sanders?

By Scotty T. Reid – Multibillionaire Michael Bloomberg was torched in the NBC Presidential Debate last night but he suffered his worst burns from Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders who both went after his record on the alleged mistreatment of women in his employ and refusal to release women who had sued his company from their non-disclosure agreements so they can tell their truths. Senator Sanders went after Bloomberg for his racist comments and lies concerning the Stop & Frisk policy in New York City that targeted Black and Latino young men and teens.

However, a video has been unearthed that was recorded by Bermuda Broadcasting in March of 2019 at a forum where the former NYC Mayor stated that he could not win a national campaign unless he changed his political views and embarked on an apology tour. In a very arrogant manner, Bloomberg took shots at Joe Biden for apologizing for the 1994 Crime Bill which Biden never did and was just defending the harsh legislation last year, and Bloomberg also took shots at former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke whom Bloomberg said apologized for being born.

Based on the 2019 clip of Bloomberg stating he would have to change his views in order to have a shot at becoming POTUS, does anyone today really trust that he has really changed his views or is he more likely to be saying what he thinks Democrats want to hear. He is running a very dishonest campaign with adverts featuring former President Obama saying nice things about him giving the appearance that Obama has endorsed him which he has not.

Could you imagine the accusations of fraud that would be thrown at the Sanders campaign if they used the video clip of Barack Obama endorsing Sanders in his 2006 Senate run in a campaign advertisement in 2020?

What if Bernie Sanders whose domestic policies align with the Democratic Socialism expressed by Dr. Martin Luther King, used the beloved civil rights icon in a 2020 campaign ad?

Bernie Sanders’s Black supporters more than likely would support such a campaign ad featuring Dr. King and glad the campaign has mentioned Dr. King and what he fought for but then there is the risk that Black pundits like MSNBC’s Joy-Ann Reid and Dr. Jason Johnson would attack Sanders relentlessly just as a few Black women at an event featuring Reid childishly accused Sanders in 2016 of using his involvement in the Civil Rights movement as “pandering to black people”.

Bloomberg obviously has an integrity problem and in addition to being one of the most un-authentic candidates to jump in the race, like Biden in a previous run for the nomination, Bloomberg’s campaign has been caught creating plans on his platform that have been plagiarized.

If Michael Bloomberg said he could not win in 2019, why is he running in the Democratic primary? As another person observed, Bloomberg who has run as a Republican has endorsed Republicans and has donated to Republican campaigns, would have a better shot if he had run against Donald Trump in the Republican primary. Since he has no realistic path to the Democratic nomination, one has to assume that Bloomberg is in the race to do one thing and that is to stop Senator Sanders.

Considering how Bloomberg is racking up endorsements from establishment Black democrats and those he has donated money to their causes, it would appear that the strategy is to stop Sanders by depriving him of Black support which he has gained in recent weeks and is now a front runner in national polls with Black Voters. Only time will tell if Bloomberg’s strategy will be successful as the primaries and caucuses move to more diverse states.

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