Elizabeth Warren Shows Once Again, She Doesn’t Have Leadership Qualities

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By Scotty T. Reid – As a person who took leadership classes while in the US Army (87-92), held positions that gave me power and responsibility way above my rank, I can say Elizabeth Warren does not exhibit leadership qualities but rather as she said herself, “just a player in the game”.

As she drops out of the race where she portrayed herself as a progressive running in the progressive lane, a leader would not need time to decide whether or not to support the progressive Sanders or the Neoliberal Joe Biden who wrote the bills protecting credit card companies and preventing students from discharging debt in bankruptcy she was so adamantly opposed.
This wasn’t the first clue of her lack of leadership qualities. How do you co-sponsor Sanders’s Medicare For All bill, come out making it part of your platform and then crumble when pressed on how to pay for it and not being able to say simply, a payroll tax and you would actually save more than you spending now? Then to bail on it for a “public option”. That isn’t leadership.
To say just last week, Bernie has been trying to push these progressive policies for decades and he hasn’t been able to do it. That is saying to those with an ear to hear, I am not a fighter, I will quit when everyone is against me even when I’m standing on principles and morals. That’s not leadership.
Then the biggest sign she was not a leader was her over and over talking about getting money out of politics and pledging to never allow a Super Pac to operate on her behalf but when she doesn’t attract the small-dollar donations, she flip-flops and accepts Super Pac help to stay in the race through Super Tuesday. That is not leadership.
While I’m glad she dropped out, probably could not get any more Super Pac help after another poor showing on Super Tuesday, she said, I’m staying in it to get delegates and take them to a contested convention. She just said that last week and now she is dropping out.

I know the media has programmed a lot of people to repeat the bullshit line that “I like Bernie’s policies but his supporters are mean”. Take this how you want to but I am going to speak my truths.

I saw a white woman today on Twitter say Bernie’s supporters should study Dr. King’s non-violent approach. First of all, Sander’s supporters are not running around beating up people, getting into fights with Antifa and whatnot, secondly, MLK was trying to show, and he did, that white people can be so vicious and barbaric, they will sick dogs on young people, children, and turn fire hoses on them for challenging the status quo of Jim Crow. However, to say some bullshit like that to a base that is majority non-white, the children and grandchildren of those Black people she talking about is racist. What she is really saying is, why don’t y’all be passive Negroes and lie down and say nothing when the media and other campaigns lie on Sanders and constantly talking crap about you, his supporters, in a gaslighting operation. If a white person can come close to understanding what it is like to be Black in America for millions, a white Sanders supporter should be able to identify.

I want to say, I can’t believe Warren went on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow to whine about the push back she got online for lying and trying to make Bernie out to be sexists or any other self-inflicted wounds but I can totally believe it.


Leaders don’t go and whine on national tv about getting snake emojis on Twitter or that someone is mean to them or how many death threats, if any they got. Then to subscribe the behavior to one particular group of voters without any proof as to the real identities behind the accounts is suspect on Warren’s part. If Warren was in the military, no one would respect her and would see her as weak. I had a female drill instructor in basic training in 87, she was a very strong and confident woman who let you know who was in charge. I can’t even imagine Warren as Commander and Chief.

I don’t know what kind of leadership training Warren has received if any at all but it might have been the Hillary Clinton School of How Not To Take Responsibility For Your Mistakes And Blame Everyone Else. Could you imagine if Barack Obama, possibly the most hated politician to grace the national stage who was daily being subject to racist taunts and death threats went on national television to complain about someone being mean to him after losing a primary state to Hillary Clinton? If he had people would have said he isn’t strong enough to handle the pressure of being President.

You can read this and try to use it against Sanders but know that while I support his platform and candidacy, I would call you out on your bullshit before I even knew who Sanders was and Sanders ain’t my master and no one can muzzle me. You can kick me off your platforms for telling truths but you can’t silence me because we have our own platforms and I will get right back on where ever because I can.


The bottom line, my informed opinion is that Warren is not a leader so if you following her lead, ain’t no telling where she might try to take you. As she takes time to calculate her next move to benefit god knows who, if she endorses Biden, she is done in the progressive movement or if she remains neutral, then she is where she belongs, out the race and on the sidelines.

*This post was updated to include Warren’s Maddow appearance.

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