BTR News: Update on the Coronavirus (Covid 19) 3/18/2020

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Dave of Thando Radio will join us again to discuss updates concerning the Covid 19 pandemic. We will also hear from Angel who hosts V2V on the BTRN. Angel is a trained epidemiologist and gave her thoughts earlier today which we will share on-air. Angel is very suspicious of how the virus has spread in certain areas of the United States and doesn’t rule out bio-terrorism.

In the news…

Senate passes coronavirus package as Treasury proposes rescue with emergency checks
Washington is mobilizing to rescue the country from potentially disastrous economic consequences from the global coronavirus outbreak, with the Senate on Wednesday passing a multi-billion dollar emergency package and quickly getting to work on a larger stimulus agreement…

Trump invoke the Defence Production Act to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Governor announces no groups of more than 10 people on Florida beaches

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