BTR News: Breaking Down Slaver Joe Biden’s Breakfast Club Interview

In this episode of BTR News w/ Scotty Reid, Scotty dissects the recent interview given by the presumed DNC chosen nominee Joe Biden who on Friday appeared in an online interview with a host of The Breakfast Club, an entertainment-based program that wades into the shallow end of politics. Topics dissected include cannabis criminalization vs so-called decriminalization, identity politics concerning Black women vs Amy Klobuchar, and the rebuke Biden got from the President of the NAACP for lying about being endorsed by the organization in past elections.

Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid
Black Talk Radio News w/ Scotty Reid
Scotty Reid

Scotty T Reid, founder of the Black Talk Radio Network and Black Talk Media Project, has been a beacon for Black voices since 2008. With his podcast BTR News and the influential New Abolitionists Radio, Scotty delves deep into pressing social and political issues, notably driving changes in the criminal justice system. An unwavering advocate for justice and equality, his work continually sparks crucial conversations and transformative change.

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One Reply to “BTR News: Breaking Down Slaver Joe Biden’s Breakfast Club Interview”

  1. Hey Black Folks.
    75 Million Abortions, and You are the Target.
    Two Generations of Young Black men in Prison, because of the ‘Crime Bill’.
    Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Many Other Democrats Pushed Hard to get that passed. Now all you have to thank Democrats for are Baby Momma’s, Welfare, and Drug Sales, that get You put in Prison.

    Black Folks, Vote Trump.
    What in the World, do you have to Lose..?
    You in Prison, and your Baby Momma on Welfare, with DeShon coming over for a visit..?

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