Conversation Reparations: Business Mogul Robert L. Johnson Calls For 14 Trillion In Reparations

In this episode of Conversation Reparations, host Jumoke Ifetayo speaks with entrepreneur Robert L. Johnson, the founder of BET, who recently proposed a 14 trillion dollar reparations package for African-Americans impacted by the legacy of slavery.

The economic chasm of wealth and income inequality between Black and White America was, without question, derived from slavery and its aftermath. It is a visible stain on this nation’s economic and social mobility. Reparations, in the form of monetary recompense for damages, is not new in this country or the world. It should be completely understood in a nation built on a foundation of capitalism that, no one should be deprived of the benefits of their labor without due process of law. Therefore, the purpose of reparations, as presented here, is to acknowledge to 40 million Black Americans, the decedents of slaves, that you are owed damages for the evil that was visited on your ancestors. Read the full press release.

Conversation Reparations is an hour-long digital radio broadcast and audio podcast focusing on the issue of Reparations. It is produced by NCOBRA with audio engineering and podcasting support provided by the non-profit media organization Black Talk Media Project. Conversation Reparations broadcasts live digitally on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month at 9 pm est on the Black Talk Radio Network.

Conversation Reparations is hosted by Jumoke Ifetayo SE Region Representative of NCOBRA and he can be contacted by email at or 678 437-7882

N’COBRA, The National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America is an organization based out of Washington, DC, that seeks full repair for the descendants of former victims of slavery in the United States based on the United Nations’s five forms of Reparations.

Visit N’COBRA online. On Twitter @NCOBRA40 

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