JUSTICE RADIO STATION: CALL TO ALL! Question Everything Taught To Believe, Is It Truth?

Greetings ALL, Identification with Ones’ True Nature is an important step towards MENTAL LIBERATION. Process begins by Revisiting Idea About KNOWLEDGE OF SELF(talked about often with confidence, and little clarity).

Purpose of Justice Radio Station is presenting material which can be used as  start  for a complete  code for constructive thought, speech, action. Which when promoted by an effective number of individuals will result  in a Collective Effort, creating Pleasantness Within, Pleasantness All Around.

Too many Americans (African-Americans) either unable or unwilling to acknowledge, analyze root cause of Deceptive Socialization Process.

Justice Radio Station, Foundation for Therapeutic Psychology for Political Prisoners, (including everyone).

Political Prisoner-One who is incarcerated, denied Justice because sociopolitical beliefs are in direct conflict with racist goals (perpetuation of the political, economic, social strategy of this thing called RACE). What classification are you?

Be aware, agreeing to be classified as a member of  of any RACE is Racist, Agree, Disagree, Undecided?


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