JUSTICE RADIO STATION: America (African-American) Experiment-Grand Experiment. Slavery? Enslavement?

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-Socialization- Psychological Social Process of being overtly and covertly indoctrinated into a culture or society.

Slave-One “owned”, controlled, expolited physically, psychologically/spiritually, socially for maximum profit, by another. Slaves are not born; they are created. They are free human beings who must be forced to tolerate, accept an indefensible position of dehumanization. The word “slave” first utilized in Europe to describe eastern European Individuals (Slavs) enslaved by western and northern Europeans.

The word “slave” indicates endorsement, whereas the word “enslaved” signifies opposition or resistance. Example, both terms “hostage”, “prisoner of war” reveal fact, condition being forced upon Individual against will. Word “slave” not indicate this.Often used in America to imply a position, condition of choice to alleviate others from their accountability of enslaving Individuals.

As African-American do you identify as “Slave”, “Enslaved”?

As Non African-American do you identify the individual as “Slave”, “Enslaved?

What must the psychology, thinking, behavior of individuals be now, for the Individual now, regardless of race classification assigned to? Independence from Colonialism? Liberation from  Mistreatment Socialization Process?

What must psychology, behavior of Individuals be now?

Historical, Global perspectives means thinking globally, acting locally. This approach enhances shared understanding, greater commitment to act. it also increases range of potential action.









































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