ITRN: The Color of COVID Health Teleconference & Webinar

Los Angeles – Join Intentional Talk Radio Network’s Tele-Conference, The Color of COVID-19, It’s Impact on the African American Community Health Wellness and Economics.

The panel of distinguished doctors and tastemakers include; Dr. Paul Wallace MD, Dermatologist; Wallace Skin Care, Inc., Dr. Donald Henderson; Gastroenterology, Dr. Donald Ware MD; Cardiology, Covenant Medical Center, Dr. Bill Releford, DPM, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine; The Releford Foot and Ankle Institute, Dr. John T. Daniels, DDS; Dentistry, Dr. A. Diop, Chief Medical Officer, Central Neighborhood Health Foundation, Jan Perry, Former LA City Councilwoman, and Arja Langdon, Tax Preparer, Financial Strategist. Moderating these sessions will be Wes Hall, On-Air personality, Quiet Storm and Jay King, On-Air Personality, President of California Black Chamber of Commerce. Pastor/Dr. Anthony McFarland will open with a prayer and Collette Williams, On-Air Personality/ Host, ITRN, Educator, Entrepreneur will host the event.

The panelists will discuss the disparities in the African American Community, as they relate to Coronavirus/COVID-19, regarding Health Care, Wellness, and Economics. Why are African Americans more impacted to a larger degree than other populations? As a result of poor health care, and the lack of adequate financial well-being we tend to be more reactive, rather than proactive.

The panelists will discuss these topics along with getting to the source and finding solutions. We understand that we cannot solve it all in one teleconference, however, this is the first step, will start here with a step-in finding solutions and come up with a positive direction, one that we can all be responsive to and do our part in creating a better landscape for our families, our communities and ourselves. We are all in this together!


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