On going process of learning everything one needs to know at the time one needs to know it for constructive thought, speech, action.

Try to learn something about everything. Take an interest in everything that happens and in everything that exist in the universe.

All individuals both white and non-white, have persons among them who have great knowledge and understanding of many, many things. However, non-white individuals do not consolidate and constructively utilize and efficiently exchange the variety of things that are learned from time to time.
They do not record and “store” what is learned. They allow what they learn to “filter away”. They do not pass on constructive information willingly, deliberately, constantly and efficiently to those who need it most.
This is one of the reasons much of what non-white individuals once “knew” was “lost” and/or forgotten.
White Individuals with Big Ideas (Constitution, Declaration of Independence) fall short by  not doing what is written in these Ideas. They Lack Self Knowledge.
Not Talking ABOUT anyone.                              Talking About the nature and structure of the human (mind). One and the same.
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