The Harsh Reality Podcast Ep. 13

  • Ty Lawson and his recent comments on Chinese women and being instantly banned from CBA.
  • Charlemagne gets his own podcast network and puts on many black content creators, as well as his back and forth with Joe Budden on ownership.
  • Breonna Taylor’s family gets a monetary settlement and the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision.
  • COVID vaccine and how COVID is impacting communities, lives, and what will be our “new normal.”
  • The Great Reparations Debate: Good Idea? Feasible? Consequences/Aftermath?
  • Bring light to Maya Moore’s love story.  The freeing of Jonathan Irons was the motivation behind her career change stepping away from the WNBA in her prime
  • Mayor Gillum admitting to being bi-sexual amid the scandal of him and his overdosed gay lover/escort getting exposed in a hotel room.  The wife said she didn’t mind gay lovers.  Tie into black women and hypergamous like based relationships. Is there a safe space where black men can be bi-sexual? Is there a double standard with men/women on this subject?
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