BTR News: Trump’s Camp Is Infected Because Of Their Irrational Behavior During Pandemic

By Scotty T. Reid – After reportedly contracting COVID-19, if Trump dies then he dies and his supporters will have no one to blame but the Trump administration, and it’s likely that he contracted the virus during one of several campaign events where guidelines on wearing masks and social distancing were ignored as some kind of fringe political statement. Law enforcement which has seen a lot of positive tests as a first responder profession often failed to enforce state orders and some made statements that they would openly defy pandemic protocols including at some of Trump’s campaign events.

Now Donald Trump, his wife, members of his staff, and other officials working on his campaign have tested positive but it is still unlikely they will take the pandemic seriously. Herman Cain contracted the virus at a Trump/GOP campaign event and died without so much as a tribute by Republicans. During the recent Presidential debates, Trump’s entourage refused to wear masks while in attendance, again, seemingly to appeal to parts of their base who believe the pandemic is a hoax and that their civil rights are under assault by not being allowed in some places of business without masks. Some of the incidents have turned violent.

Despite admitting to a reporter that COVID 19 is a dangerous contagion spread via the air, Trump also admitted he purposely played the severity and that includes not his language but his personal behavior as well.

Already the internet has sprung into action with posts blaming secret cabals of sexual predators for purposely infecting Trump despite his relationship with people like the late Jefferey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell who is currently in jail on charges that she recruited underage girls to satisfy Epistein’s sexual appetite. Others are claiming that Trump doesn’t have COVID 19 and will miraculously recover only to push a vaccine that people will be tricked into getting.

There are conflicting reports concerning the severity of Trump’s symptoms as he is being treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Some reports indicated Trump was forced to use oxygen after experiencing difficulty in breathing and it is also said that his fever has subsided but who can know for sure when it comes to any information coming out his administration.

At the end of the day, no one is more responsible for the infection than Donald J. Trump and his family of superspreaders who continue to go around maskless and ignoring pandemic hand washing and social distancing rules.

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